Skills at your service!

We keep all kinds of accountancy (full and partial), ranging from that of the independent trader to that of an international company.

We can take care of your entire accountancy (invoice coding, bank transfers, etc.) or, alternatively, to support on the spot your accountancy department. We also carry out partial or complete audit.
We have solutions to offer everyone: everything depends on the time, budget and competences which we dispose of.

We draw balances, keep result account-books, attachments and VAT-declarations submitted within deadlines, always keeping in mind your preferences, and, of course, absolute confidentiality. We could also deposit your accounts with B. N. B. (which is carried out exceedingly fast thanks to the ACCON software, aiming at avoiding rectification and rendering coming over to our office unnecessary).

We also keep your law books.

We are at your disposal regarding the VAT-declarations, drawing up listings and any information regarding percentages, and, of course, we are always ready to help you out in the event of eventual audits and inspections.

We diligently keep track of your accountancy books in order to determine the current financial state. Advise regarding organization, administrative and/or accountancy services, critical analysis of your accounts or income threshold calculations are but some of the fields we could be of service to you.

We here also to draw in the best possible way the quarterly financial reports and accounts should you need to make bank loans.

A simple phone call is enough to get advice on management or help on your accountancy system.

Jointly with you, we can estimate your company assets or company value.

Expert-Accountants have been employed by our company to tackle the tasks, set out by the law:

  1. Checks and corrections of accountancy documents
  2. Private or legal expert findings
  3. Based on Article. 166 of the Company Code, help for small and medium enterprises on partial or complete control on their accountancy
  4. Specific Reports (change of by-laws, of juridical status of entity or anything concerning shares, severity, merging of companies)
  5. Company liquidation

We work together with different social bureaus, with adequate competences on social rights. They draw pay-rolls in the best possible way and submit to us the administrative documents required for your accountancy keeping.