Our customers testify

« Thanks to a colleague of Mr. De Mot – father, I have entrusted my entire accountancy keeping to his good cares. I must admit, that I can only congratulate myself on that…

With the son’s joining the company, relations developed further a bit, since he applies the most recent techniques to his company. About three years ago, informatics was also non-existent. But the amicable attitude on part of the trust, which is its advantageous aspect, has preserved. The personal contact, the kind attitude and competence of personnel should be put emphasis on, and I have recommended the trust to colleagues or my family members a number of times. A slight criticism I am to direct consists in the fact that the company does not always react promptly to novelties. Though it is true I am not much insistent on that, I feel satisfied by the SA. De Mot members, once the job is done and I don’t see any reason to introduce novelties. »


Lawyer - Brussels