Our customers testify

« Eight people work in our company’s headquarters in Diegem and manage over two hundred affiliated hotels in Benelux and many more in Europe. Therefore Diegem is the European seat of the company – outside France. Louvre Hotel Belgium got in contact with the trust at its first stepping of “Campanile” in Belgium at the end of the 80s.

My predecessors, and I, myself, could only congratulate each other for this tightly-knit collaboration, namely, when in 2004, we called that company and asked it to take care of our accounts of our hotels in Netherlands. De Mot is a true partner, who would never vacillate to give warning or advice. If this trust is that dynamic, it is thanks to the family aspect, which the son De Mot has preserved, despite his being more pragmatic than his father, the “patriarch”. The latter was the one who facilitated the introduction of Louvre Hotels in Belgium.  The other ace of SA De Mot is its capacity to react. The company is capable, within short notice, to provide solutions even to the most insignificant issues, a service a larger group can hardly offer or provide.

I can only heartily recommend the trust to any company, which might want to step in Belgium. »

Bernard Sudreau


Director Executive, Europe / France