Our customers testify

« I have the chance to work with inventive, dynamic and motivated CEOs, who assign administrative tasks to me. When Campanile, owner of Taittinger, wanted to open its first hotel in Belgium, in Zaventem, in 1981 or 1982, the company had no rights to export capitals outside France. That is why the got into contact with me, in order to establish a connection with the Belgium authorities and to bring to a successful end that first step. It was quickly found that a number of mistakes had been made by a larger-scale trust, initially selected by them, and corrections were need.

Thus De Mot father appeared on the scene, much to our greatest satisfaction. The relatively small scale of the trust allowed personalized services, tailored to the customers needs.

Our mutual history dates back 25 years, based on mutual trust and credulity. At the end of the day, the De Mot company evolved and makes use of information instruments, introduced by the son, that yield good results. As to the expertise, Daniel follows his father’s steps. »

Guy Verhaeghe de Nayer


Administrative person-in-charge with different small and medium enterprises